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How will our 50th Reunion enhance our class legacy at MIT?

Our Class was the FIRST to win the Reunion Challenge Games (in ’92) and the sponsor of medals ever since.

Our Class was the FIRST to create a 4 year-connection to another Class: the 1967/2017 Class connections program.

Our Class was the FIRST to customize a lapel crest by adding that we are MIT’s 100th Class.

Our Class was the FIRST to have a customized Campus Tour created and featured in our 40th reunion.

Our Class was the FIRST to publish a quarterly Bulletin, our Red Blazer

Our Class won a Lobdell Award for our 40th Reunion.

Our Classmate Allen Gottlieb was the FIRST to create a Puzzle Corner in the Technology Review and maintain it for fifty years.

Our Class President Bob Ferrara was the FIRST to receive the Karl Taylor Compton Prize, the James N. Murphy Award and the Bronze Beaver Award for over 50 years of service to the MIT community.

Your input and contributions are critical to enhance our class legacy.

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Bob Ferrara awarded Bronze Beaver at ALC



On September 26 our 1967 Class President and MVP Bob Ferrara was awarded the coveted Bronze Beaver during the annual MIT Alumni LeadershipConference (ALC). The Bronze Beaver Award is the highest honor the Association can bestow upon any alumni volunteer. It is given to recognize distinguished service to the Alumni Association and the Institute by alumni who have been active in most or all phases of alumni activity. Only 312 individuals, including our own Classmate Chuck Kolb in 1987, have been awarded the Bronze Beaver since it was first established in 1955, 60 years ago. Bob’s Bronze Beaver (BBB!) is the 313thListen to Bob talk about his MIT experiences which led to his award.

In 1967, our classmate Bob Ferrara received the Karl Taylor Compton Prize, the Institute’s highest award for students in recognition of “excellent achievements in citizenship and devotion to MIT.” At the same event 45 years later, in 2012, Bob stepped up to the podium again—this time to receive another Institute-wide honor for community service, the James N. Murphy Award. Nearly half a century from our graduation, Bob continues to leave his mark on the Institute by now winning a third award, the MIT Alumni Association’s highest, the Bronze Beaver Award.

With 30 years of volunteer experience for the Institute, Bob is as dedicated a volunteer as they come. He has been an active volunteer with the MIT Club of Boston for more than 14 years and has served as president, vice president of communications, vice president of finance, family events coordinator, and in various seminar series committee positions. Bob has shown exemplary leadership, which has been evident during advance preparation for his class reunions as well as many other class events, including the partnership between the 100th graduating class of MIT, 1967, and their sister 150th graduating class of 2017. He has served an important role as speaker and organizer to effectively engage the Class of 1967 with the Class of 2017 since the students’ first year and works alongside these young leaders in planning several events each year to bring the alumni and students together. Additionally, since September 2013, Bob has served as a coach for the Alan ’73 and Terri Spoon Community Catalyst Leadership Program. He has coached several students in developing their leadership skills and has recruited new coaches from the Class of 1967. Bob’s commitment to MIT Men’s Varsity Basketball has been constant since his days as a student athlete. He serves on the basketball program’s alumni reunion committee and has helped orchestrate the biannual alumni day as well as fundraising efforts for the team. Bob has also been a dedicated member of the Educational Council, and an instrumental figure in the FSILG community over the past decade, and he was a founding member of both the Tech Challenge Games and the Science Trivia Competition, as well as creator of the annual Toast to IAP quiz. Alumni and staff alike delight in the opportunity to work with Bob, and the Bronze Beaver recognizes his many years of distinguished service to the Institute.”

Those of us who have worked closely with Bob know that he is engaged in many other volunteer activities, both on and off campus. For that reason and for winning this third MIT award, our Class warmly applauds Bob, and extends our congratulations to him and Deena and his entire family.


AMITA's 50th Reunion Traditions


The Association of MIT Alumnae (commonly abbreviated to AMITA) promotes alumnae accomplishments and history, maintaining connections among alumnae, and supporting women on campus.    In 2013 AMITA presented silver scarves to the women grads of that year's 50th Reunion Class, the Class of 1963.  Classmate Carol Hooker, '67 who is an officer of AMITA explains more.....

I thought this image might make a nice t-shirt design for the organization I’d like to introduce to you.  Yes, it’s a variation of this one in the MIT Museum Store.

Model wearing AMITA grey cotton t-shirt designed by Carol Hooker

AMITA was founded in 1899 - more than 20 years before women would win the right to vote!  It provides a way for former MIT women students to stay in touch with each other and with the Institute. To become a member of AMITA click here. For events which are open to everyone check out our website for more details.  AMITA provides commemorative grey silk scarves to 50-year alumnae at the reunion - save the date for 2017! Click here for information on AMITA 50th reunion traditions.


Model wearing AMITA grey silk 50th reunion scarf

MIT Class of '63 alumnae at 50th reunion AMITA presentation


Almost a decade ago I volunteered to help with the AMITA website and now find myself on the board as the Archivist.   One of AMITA’s projects near and dear to my heart is the Margaret MacVicar AMITA Oral History Project.  Click here for access to the Margaret MacVicar online archives.  It turns out we have significant dollars in that fund and are looking for ways to capture more oral histories.  Let me know if you have ideas or would like to get involved!

Needless to say a lot has changed since our class was at MIT.  There were 35 coeds in our class of 800 which is a whopping 4.4%.  This year’s class of 2018 (1,043) is 48% female.  I was surprised to hear that the term ‘coed’ is now considered a sixties term and long ago done away with - really??  I may have to do some more research on that and submit another item for the Red Blazer…


On Sunday, October 5, 2014 the first Class Connections event of 2014/2015 was a great success

Our two Connected Classes - the Classes of 2017 and 1967 – held the first event of this academic year on Sunday, October 5 afternoon event featuring Bill Swanson, Chairman of Raytheon Company, one of the world’s top defense companies. At 3PM in Kresge Auditorium, the two  Class Presidents Bob Ferrara ‘67 and Liana Ilutzi ’17 asked Bill to answer audience questions in an interactive Q & A session, titled “From the Factory Floor to the Corner Office: One Engineer’s Journey”. Bill has a great way of offering life lessons and career advice for the highly motivated people, like our MIT undergraduates. Raytheon’s first factory was founded next to MIT in 1928, and – as in Bill’s life– there has been much amazing history along the way. This session was followed by an MIT community BarBQ.
Click here to read more about Mr. Swanson and the Class Connections event.

Class of '67 shell dedicated in ceremony at boathouse

The Class of ’67 had the honor of dedicating a new crew shell on May 3 at the Pierce Boathouse. Dennis Womack-Kalla, who organized the fund drive, led a ’67 contingent. Also attending were several dignitaries like Gary Zwart, the lightweight varsity coach from our era, and the current women's lightweight squad and their coaches Claire Martin-Doyle and Amelia Booth. The ’67 shell will be used mostly by the women's lightweight crew team. At the ceremony Dennis spoke briefly, thanking the donors and thanking Gary and the coaches for the love of rowing which they instilled, then christened the boat with a traditional bottle of champagne.
After some photos all retired to the boathouse lounge for a nice catered lunch. The food was excellent, but the real enjoyment was the opportunity to talk to the women on the current lightweight team. Dennis noted also the class of '67 was the first graduating class to row out of the Pierce Boathouse, so the year of our fiftieth reunion will be the fiftieth anniversary of racing at the boathouse. Donors to the Class of '67 Crew Shell Fund were Nate Curland, John Ebert, Ken Folllansbee, Janet Follansbee, Ed Geltman, Nancy Geltman, Ray Giglio, Alan Hausrath, Mike Kruger, Don Partridge, Larry Taggert, Dennis Womack-Kalla, and Robert Wilson ('71). Click here to read Dennis's inspiring story about how this project started over 50 years ago when we were freshmen at MIT. Click here for more pictures from the ceremony,

MIT's 100th graduating class!

The MIT150 events in 2011 were a vivid reminder of MIT's origins, starting with the charter passage in April, 1861. A bit less known is that classes did not start until four years later, after a difficult period of fund-raising, organizing and building, all of which played out with the Civil War in the background. It was not until 1868 that MIT actually had its first graduates. However, from that beginning, over an unbroken span of 145 consecutive years MIT students have continued to graduate and to join each class of new alumni.

Thanks to classmate Bob Howard, the Reunion Committee began to take note of these facts. Bob had just read Matthew Pearl's new mystery thriller "The Technologists" about the Institute's very first graduating class in 1868. As we did the arithmetic, it became clear that the Class of 1967 is the 100th annual class of graduates from MIT. Interestingly, none of us recalls being aware of this in 1967. On one level this is just a curious MIT factoid. At the same time we looked forward and observed that in 2017, at our 50th Reunion, we will be privileged to participate at Commencement with the Class of 2017, which will be MIT's 150th consecutive graduating class. To us, that seems like an occasion worth commemorating.

Below is Bobby Richards' diploma from that Class of 1868. He was the first president of the MIT Alumni Association and the husband of MIT's first female graduate, the renowned Ellen Swallow Richards. Both are important characters in Matthew Pearl?s engaging historical novel.

 Bobby Richards diploma

25th Reunion Photo Rediscovered!

While cleaning out a drawer last April just before the 45th Reunion, Chet Sandberg and his wife rediscovered this wide angle photo from our 25th Reunion. How timely! See if you can identify some of these folks. Here is a link to the compressed version and here is a link to the full 1MB photo.

Our 1963 Freshman Picture Book Photos

Just before our 40th Reunion, Stan Rose scanned all of our 1963 Freshman picture book photos. So if you wanted to see what we looked like 40+ years ago, please open the .PDF files below. (Please note, these are big files, 2-4MB each).
Men - John Acevedo to Richard Cutler
Men - Mike Daily to Harvey Golomb
Men - Lewis Golovin to Mike Mark
Women! - All 35 Coeds in the Class of 1967
Men - Avram Markowitz to Chris Scott
Men - Mike Scott to David Wilcox
Men - Harald Wilhelmsen to Mike Zuteck

Thanks to Stan!

Maps of MIT '67 alumni home addresses

US Map showing locations of MIT alumni This map indicates the location of MIT Class of 1967 alumni home address locations. We are working on getting a world map that goes beyond the USA. Thanks to Peter Muise and Tony Tavares of the MIT Alumni Office for providing this map, which is also included as an Adobe Acrobat attachment.
Class of 1967 Home Addess Locations

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