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Class of '67 shell dedicated in ceremony at boathouse

The Class of ’67 had the honor of dedicating a new crew shell on May 3 at the Pierce Boathouse. Dennis Womack-Kalla, who organized the fund drive, led a ’67 contingent. Also attending were several dignitaries like Gary Zwart, the lightweight varsity coach from our era, and the current women's lightweight squad and their coaches Claire Martin-Doyle and Amelia Booth. The ’67 shell will be used mostly by the women's lightweight crew team. At the ceremony Dennis spoke briefly, thanking the donors and thanking Gary and the coaches for the love of rowing which they instilled, then christened the boat with a traditional bottle of champagne.
After some photos all retired to the boathouse lounge for a nice catered lunch. The food was excellent, but the real enjoyment was the opportunity to talk to the women on the current lightweight team. Dennis noted also the class of '67 was the first graduating class to row out of the Pierce Boathouse, so the year of our fiftieth reunion will be the fiftieth anniversary of racing at the boathouse. Donors to the Class of '67 Crew Shell Fund were Nate Curland, John Ebert, Ken Folllansbee, Janet Follansbee, Ed Geltman, Nancy Geltman, Ray Giglio, Alan Hausrath, Mike Kruger, Don Partridge, Larry Taggert, Dennis Womack-Kalla, and Robert Wilson ('71). Click here to read Dennis's inspiring story about how this project started over 50 years ago when we were freshmen at MIT. Click here for more pictures from the ceremony,

MIT's 100th graduating class!

The MIT150 events in 2011 were a vivid reminder of MIT's origins, starting with the charter passage in April, 1861. A bit less known is that classes did not start until four years later, after a difficult period of fund-raising, organizing and building, all of which played out with the Civil War in the background. It was not until 1868 that MIT actually had its first graduates. However, from that beginning, over an unbroken span of 145 consecutive years MIT students have continued to graduate and to join each class of new alumni.

Thanks to classmate Bob Howard, the Reunion Committee began to take note of these facts. Bob had just read Matthew Pearl's new mystery thriller "The Technologists" about the Institute's very first graduating class in 1868. As we did the arithmetic, it became clear that the Class of 1967 is the 100th annual class of graduates from MIT. Interestingly, none of us recalls being aware of this in 1967. On one level this is just a curious MIT factoid. At the same time we looked forward and observed that in 2017, at our 50th Reunion, we will be privileged to participate at Commencement with the Class of 2017, which will be MIT's 150th consecutive graduating class. To us, that seems like an occasion worth commemorating.

Below is Bobby Richards' diploma from that Class of 1868. He was the first president of the MIT Alumni Association and the husband of MIT's first female graduate, the renowned Ellen Swallow Richards. Both are important characters in Matthew Pearl?s engaging historical novel.

 Bobby Richards diploma

45th Reunion in 2012- What a time!

Our 45th Reunion was filled with highlights, not only in Cambridge, but also during the postreunion gathering in Newport, Rhode Island as well. The complete schedule is on line. There were many unique-to-1967 events including a special campus tour by Bob Simha '57, who headed MIT's Planning Office for forty years.

Click here for a photo gallery assembled by John Acevedo. The 200+ photos are in rough chronological order and were contributed by John, as well as Stan Rose, Joel and Elaine Shwimer, George Starkschall, Bob Sullivan, Frank Walsh, Greg Wight, and Ted and Karen Williams. Just below is the e-mail summary of this memorable Reunion.   Reunion E-mail of August 8, 2012

Memorial Service at the 45th

We have a special Memorial Service at our Reunion to commemorate those classmates who have passed on. Several Reunion Committee members collaborated to create the program book below.  Memorial Service Program Book

25th Reunion Photo Rediscovered!

While cleaning out a drawer last April just before the 45th Reunion, Chet Sandberg and his wife rediscovered this wide angle photo from our 25th Reunion. How timely! See if you can identify some of these folks. Here is a link to the compressed version and here is a link to the full 1MB photo.

45th Reunion Gift

The 45th Reunion Gift Committee turned in very good results, raising 45th Reunion Class Gift of $2,259,722, with a participation of 49.1% of our class. Please remember these results are just for the fiscal year of our 45th Reunion, from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012. The Committee was co-chaired by John Acevedo and Dennis Womack-Kalla. Other members were Bob Ferrara, Eric Johnson, Dave Kress, Rick Koehler, Chuck Kolb, Henry Link, Stephen Marcus, Stan Rose, Mike Schiff, Bob Sitrin, Mike Telson, Jim Swanson, and Pete Young.

Class of 1967 Kenneth R. Wadleigh Scholarships

Classmates will be happy to learn that our Class of 1967 Kenneth R. Wadleigh Scholarship fund now provides aid to three MIT undergraduates, and throughout the years has supported an additional 20 excellent students. The current scholarship recipients are terrific young people, as you can see from this Wadleigh Scholarship Report. Clearly, given today's economy and high tuition, this help is really welcomed. Like us, these kids hail from all over - one each from Kansas, Texas, and Taiwan. With gifts large and small over the years, the Wadleigh Fund's principal is substantial - and growing. Thanks to all the classmates who gave to MIT for the Wadleigh Fund and for many other purposes. Our Class Agents John Rudy and John Acevedo typically extend the written appreciation but the gratitude they express is on behalf of every one of us as well. And now you can give on-line to the Wadleigh Fund or any other MIT fund at http://giving.mit.edu/.

Class of 1967 Crew Shell Fund

by Dennis Womack-Kalla
As you may know, for our last reunion Class of '67 crew alumni put together a boat to row in the reunion race. Stroked by Mike Kruger and coxed by Lou Offen, with Bill Arnauld, Don Partridge, Steve Drucker, Ed Geltman, John Ebert, Peter Billings, and me. We rowed against some much-younger crews and won the handicapped race. We decided we would like to give back to MIT crew in a special way, and we made pledges to buy an eight for the crew program. We are now on our way to financing that boat. If you would like to support MIT and our class, contributing to the Class of '67 Crew Shell Fund is a great way to do so. The Fund is now official with an account number of 365072. It will put "Class of '67" on a boat and under the lights (well, under the sun)!

Our 1963 Freshman Picture Book Photos

Just before our 40th Reunion, Stan Rose scanned all of our 1963 Freshman picture book photos. So if you wanted to see what we looked like 40+ years ago, please open the .PDF files below. (Please note, these are big files, 2-4MB each).
Men - John Acevedo to Richard Cutler
Men - Mike Daily to Harvey Golomb
Men - Lewis Golovin to Mike Mark
Women! - All 35 Coeds in the Class of 1967
Men - Avram Markowitz to Chris Scott
Men - Mike Scott to David Wilcox
Men - Harald Wilhelmsen to Mike Zuteck

Thanks to Stan!

Maps of MIT '67 alumni home addresses

US Map showing locations of MIT alumni This map indicates the location of MIT Class of 1967 alumni home address locations. We are working on getting a world map that goes beyond the USA. Thanks to Peter Muise and Tony Tavares of the MIT Alumni Office for providing this map, which is also included as an Adobe Acrobat attachment.
Class of 1967 Home Addess Locations



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